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COPYRIGHT STATUS: © 1993-2011, Director of National Parks, Australian Government, Commonwealth of Australia, Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities, Australian National Botanic Gardens, Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization and others.

These and other Australian Government agencies, non-government agencies and individuals have certain rights in this material.

Individual documents on this server may have different intellectual property and copyright conditions, and that will be noted in those documents or in the database in the case of images.

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Permission is granted to make internet hypertext and other electronic links to any part of these resources. Unless otherwise stated, material presented on this server may be copied for personal or research use, or published for non-commercial educational purposes, provided the source and custodians of any extracts are fully acknowledged.

Use of images for non-commercial web sites is allowed on condition that credit is given to the Australian National Botanic Gardens and these words are hot-linked to our home page. If the photographer is credited on our page, that photographer must be credited in all subsequent use of the image. (more)

Any commercial use or publication of these resources without a licence from the custodians is strictly prohibited. (Photo publication fees)

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