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Locating Plants in the Gardens

Find A Plant Interactive Map

The location of living plants in the Gardens can be explored via an interactive map application, Find A Plant. Online help is available for this system.

Search for plants currently alive

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Please exercise care in the structure of queries and the use of wildcards to avoid excessively large reports.

See instructions below.


Output format

(Check to select;
Default = all)

Query by value
(% = wildcard, e.g. Rut% lepto%; ! = not, e.g. !ACT;
most fields are case sensitive)
Clone Photo (A camera icon links to images of this clone, based on Propagation No.)
Prop Id (number on each aluminium tag)
Herb Code (leave this blank in searches)
Name (plant name: genus & species)
Num In Grp (number of plants of this clone in Section)
Section No. (Section number where its planted in Gardens, n = Nursery)
Region Code (shows the district from where it was collected, not all collections)

Display - What results will be displayed.

Sort Order- Indicates alpha-numeric sorting of results ( usually leave blank ).

Query by value
- Prop ID - this is the number used to identify this plant in the Gardens, on the back of the label or on the aluminium tag.
- Herb Code - usually leave blank.
- Genus must have capital first letter ( ie. Grevillea ).
- species must have lower case first letter ( ie. robusta ).
- Num In Grp - the number of plants in a group planting. (Usually leave blank)
- Section Number - the location in the Gardens where the plant is growing, each garden bed is given a 'Section Number'.

Execute query - Click to obtain results of search.

Reset Form - clears the entry ready for the next query.

Output Format - how you want to generate the results of your query. Leave as HTML for a web view.

Most fields are case sensitive and the wildcard is the percentage sign (%).


Section numbers prefixed by 'n' indicate the plants are in the Gardens' Nursery.

*Section numbers prefixed by 'j' indicate the plants are at Booderee Botanic Gardens, Jervis Bay.

To create a checklist of a genus in the Gardens, eg Eucalyptus

Leave a tick only in the 'Name' box in the left hand column, as that's all you want to see.
- then put     Eucalyptus%     in the 'Query by value' field next to it.
- then click 'Execute Query'

Eucalyptus%     means that you want any name starting with the word 'Eucalyptus' (this will produce over 500 records ! )

By ticking only the 'Name' box, you indicate that you only want names, not individual collecting records and bed numbers.
If you don't tick any box in the left column it will bring up all records of all Eucalypts - a very large search that will take a long time.


The camera icon in column one links to photos of plants of the same clonal line as the plant's Propagation Number.

More options for searching for photos of plants with the same taxon are available in the complex search.

More complex searches

A more complex search for all current and past planting records is also available.


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