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Each horticulturist on staff has custodianship over a part of the Gardens. They manage this precious living collection for all its horticultural needs. Senior staff provide advice or guidance as required.

Horticultural activities

Recent projects

Plant Conservation

One of the areas of horticultural practise in the Gardens is the plant conservation of threatened species.

Many of the plants that grow in the ground at the Gardens or in permanent pots in the nursery are endangered or thought to be extinct in the wild. Plants propagated from the collection can help in restoration and recovery efforts.

Of note are:

  • Hakea pulvinifera
  • Bossiaea bracteosa
  • Rulingia grandiflora
  • Muehlenbeckia tuggeranong
  • Lepidium ginninderrense (Ginniderra Peppercress)
  • Zieria baeuerlenii (Bomaderry Zieria)
  • Zieria obcordata
  • Lomatia tasmanica

Horticultural resources

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